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The remodeling of homes and businesses occurs almost every day in Dothan, AL, but not everybody chooses a professional remodeling contractor service. Many people look for the cheapest available service, but when you cut rates, you are also cutting corners. That is why we have made a concerted effort to price our professional remodeling service as low as we possibly can, while still earning a profit. We saw the need for a professional remodeling contractor service that people could actually afford, and we filled that need.

You can count on us here at Ed Kreager Plumbing for all of the following remodeling services:

● Water Heater Room Builds—If you are installing a larger water heater into your home, you may need an entirely new compartment to house it. We build water heater rooms in various sizes and handle all the plumbing hookups.

● Bathtubs—Any bathroom remodeling project is sure to include a new bathtub. Count on the plumbing experts here at Ed Kreager Plumbing to replace your old bathtub and install a brand new one for you.

● Commercial/Residential Remodeling—We handle remodeling and plumbing hookups for both commercial and residential buildings in Dothan, AL.

Our plumbing remodeling service features the latest in water-efficient appliances and drains. We keep abreast of all the latest advances in water-efficient plumbing systems, so that we can pass major utility savings on to our customers. Of course, honest work is a given when you work with us, even on remodeling projects. Get exactly the remodeling services you need at a price you can afford with us!